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The Alaska Law Enforcement Museum is home to the colorful history of the dedicated officers who brought law and order to one of the most rugged and far-flung jurisdictions in America.

gift shop

Within the museum is a gift shop offering a wide range of Alaska State Trooper memorabilia and souvenirs. Proceeds fund charity activities and museum upkeep.


Membership is open to active and retired AST personnel and commissioned members of the Dept of Public Safety. Associate membership is open to non-commissioned members of DPS and other law enforcement agencies.

about F.o.a.s.t.

Formed in the late 1960s as a conduit to approach the State Legislature for an improved retirement system, the Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers (FOAST) has evolved into a valuable charitable and fraternal organization with no political involvement.

FOAST supports and funds statewide youth activities recommended by the Department of Public Safety personnel. We promote and fund youth safety programs such as the Safety Bear ID, reflector, and coloring book. We fund law enforcement education programs. And we maintain law enforcement history through the Alaska Law Enforcement Museum. FOAST also fraternally supports law enforcement throughout Alaska.

FOAST has sponsored and managed the annual CSI Forensic Science Camp for teenagers. The event is a week-long summer camp applying hands-on science skills within a law enforcement environment for middle and high school age children. The Camp is held at the Alaska State Crime Laboratory. FOAST also funds the highly successful statewide Safety Bear ID Card and Reflector Program. Since 1995, FOAST has contributed over $620,000 to various youth programs across the state.

k-9 Memorial fund

The Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers has established a K-9 Memorial Fund to assist the State Troopers whenever there is loss of one of their K-9 partners.

The fund assists to cover the direct costs associated with the replacement of K-9 partners. The related training can cost as much as $25,000 per K-9 to prepare it to be street-ready.

Your donations are graciously appreciated.

safety bear

The idea for Safety Bear came in the summer of 1975 between Troopers Ed Rhodes and Bill Farber. Disneyworld designed and created the first Safety Bear. The program evolved to include the Safety Bear coloring book, the Safety Bear I.D. Card, and Safety Bear Reflectors. The impact the program has had on children in Alaska cannot be overstated.

CSI Camp

An exciting program for highschoolers to do over summer vacation, the CSI Camp lets them discover the secrets of investigating crime scenes. Sponsored by FOAST, it's run by Law Enforcement officers and instructed by scientists from the State Crime Lab.

Students experience hands-on processing of a crime scene and direct contact with all the science-related elements of forensics. The camp’s mission is to nurture and develop long term interest in science and possibly a career in CSI. 

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