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Dead mans dancer

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From the back: Michele is young, attractive, and looking to cash in on her aesthetic assets when she moves from New Orleans to Alaska in 1994 to earn money for college tuition. Her charms ensnare the affections of three men, and the combined effects of jealousy, lust, and greed take a deadly turn in this true crime story. Before a murder in the woods shatters her contented life, Michele works as an exotic dancer at the Alaska bush company, where she spends her days pleasing a procession of hard working men. John, Scott, and Kent are simultaneously smitten with Michele and offer affection in the form of lavish gifts and ultimately engagement rings. While the three men begin their affairs on the same path, violent murder blasts apart their parallel lives. One of the trio is shot in the back; another is accused of the murder. Dead man’s dancer follows this murder case from 1996 throughout machetes tumultuous trial in 2006 that becomes a nationwide sensation. Shocking in its detailed portrayal of murder and convoluted love affairs, dead man’s dancer provokes feelings of horror in readers that linger far after the last page is turned.

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